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Can’t handle it.

Couple of days late, but… 7 months.

"Wut? Already? Looks like I gotta get crackin’ on walking."

My favorite time of day.


She stole my glasses. Goofball.

I have to admit I really like the Monster High art. >_>


(Yes, she’s missing part of an arm… lmao)

Oh I am so going to start calling him Tintin.


We’re working on it. At least he finally has swallowing down! Probably thanks to that flan he couldn’t get enough of yesterday

The Second Baby experience is so much fun… LOL. I freaked out the first time someone gave Arya something to eat without telling me first (mashed potatoes, for the record, lol)

Ah, memories

Super bedhead and a butternut squash mustache.

Haven’t been feeling well so we just hung out at home this afternoon. I sat on the couch and played with her hair for a while. <3